Oak White has a white tint that removes the golden/yellow shade of natural Oak.

White oil is applied to the oak before the natural oil or lacquer is applied, to produce a more natural oak appearance.

The floor does not require further processing and can be used immediately after installation.

Special stair noise, joint covers and skirting boards in the same color are available.

Suitable for underfloor heating.

Prodused in:

Noblesse: Soft structural appearence, with no knotts. Straight and wavy grain, consists a uniform appearance.

Elegance: Soft structure appearance with straght and wavy grain and only a few knots

Basic: Knotty appearance, often brown or black proffecionally filled

Naturelle: Rustic grading, black knots, coloured and structural variations. Surface full of natural character.

Rustic: Rustic grading, straight and wavy grain, knots proffecionally black filled. Contrusting colour.


Dimensions10x120/158/180x1200/2000 mm
13x120x12000 mm
15x158/192/240/280x2000/2400 mm
XXL: 15X280/325X3500-5000 mm
Technical characteristicsActual oak thickness 3,6 mm
StructureBrushed/Smooth, Lacquered/Oiled
Type of woodOak
ProfileClick 5G/ T/G

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